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The owner and operator of ondrejfilip.com website is Ondřej Filip (further only as operator) which is in compliance with Act No. 121/2000 (the Copyright Act) and is authorized to perform proprietorial rights to these webpages.

The operator possesses all rights, which arise from the licence according to the Copyright Act to own the content of the pages, included text, design, technical drawings, graphic design, all views on these pages, as well as to the selection and method of organization of files contained on these pages.

Content of these pages has only informative and non-obligatory character. The operator does not guarantee accuracy nor integrity of information presented on these pages, and can change them at any time without prior warning.

Privacy policy

Filling the contact form on these website, a user provides his\her personal information. Operator is aware of the confidentiality of this personal information, and the information about the user is stored in compliance with valid laws of Czech Republic, especially with the Act on the protection of personal information No. 101/2000 c.l., as amended by latter clauses and regulations.

Operator uses all data gathered from users solely for internal purposes. No personal information will be sold, transferred, or communicated to third parties. Without an express consent of the user, all personal data are used only to that extent which is allowed by the Act on the protection of personal information.

Declaration of accessibility

These webpages were created with the emphasis on maximal accessibility of content and functionality for all users of the internet. Source code of the website was created according to the HTML5 standard and the visual formatting is made using cascade styles (CSS2 and CSS3).

Modern browsers support the responsive design. Content of the website is automatically adjusted to the width of the browser window.

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If you find anything not in compliance with the requirements of accessibility, please let us know. We will try to remove all faults.