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Individual Coaching

Do you want to have the courage to be yourself and become an active creator of your life? Use the power of coaching!

About coaching?

Coaching is the best way to understand your uniqueness. A quality coach helps a client find the courage to become himself and be an active creator of his life. There is one “but” here though. The basic prerequisite of successful coaching is that the client wants it himself.

If this condition is met, the effects are permanent and you get into a state of equilibrium, which is independent of external circumstances. Your relationships will improve and your work performance will increase, without having to exert more effort. Together with the coach you will find hidden obstacles that hinder you, and you will awaken your potential.

Coaching develops mainly the following skills:: confidence, responsibility, independence, inner motivation, perception of reality, and much moreí.

How exactly does coaching take place?

Each coach has a different method, and a different approach to each client. The basis, however, remains the same. We will undergo four phases of coaching with each client.

We begin with setting a goal and what we want to achieve by working together.

Then we evaluate the existing situation, personal potential and other resources that the client has at his disposal.

Based on these set conditions we will find the best path and remove any obstacles from it.

Then all we have to do is define specific action steps that will lead the client to satisfaction and success.

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.


Ondřej Filip

Team Coaching

Do you want to build a team which achieves exceptional results?
Use the power of team coaching!

Almost every one of us moves within the work environment in different teams or work groups. The centre of gravity of productively functioning teams and achieving exceptional results lies in the ability of the team to enable all members to utilize their talents to the maximum extent possible and create synergies between them. These skills, however, cannot be learned on training courses or online. One of the most suitable tools for building and developing successful teams is team coaching.Team coaching helps team members to work independently toward a common goal, to communicate despite differences in opinions, to manage emotions and perceive their uniqueness as well as their interconnection with the rest of the team.

The essential prerequisite for successful team coaching is that the team wants to change itself and its leader does not favor the directive style of leadership.The effects of team coaching are then permanent and the team starts to work on such basics as (self) confidence, security, natural respect and openness. The team gains the ability to not only set goals independently, but also the course to achieving them.

All coaching sessions are supported by concrete and measurable objectives, as defined by the client according to his needs or alternatively according to company needs.

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.


Ondřej Filip

Business coaching


The world of retail and shopping malls is full of changes and rapidly evolving. Only those who are able to find, develop and fully utilise their inner potential can succeed in it. That is the direct path to long-term outstanding performance.

A good manager systematically works on such self-development. A great manager has the courage to cooperate with a coach, with whose support he overcomes his inner battles, learns how to turn challenges into opportunities and how to create a team that delivers exceptional results.

Make sure that your coach not only knows how to use the most effective tools of contemporary coaching, but is also proficiently versed in your field of work. I have more than fifteen years of experience in the field of retail and shopping centres. Is it your field as well? If so, then we will understand each other.

What exactly can I help you with?

  • increasing work performance according to your key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • exploiting the full potential of individuals and teams
  • creating business strategies and plans
  • finding your own creative solutions
  • planning and implementing key activities and tasks
  • recognising and understanding individual needs of your customers
  • obtaining and maintaining a balance between work and private life
  • defining a vision, identity and values of the company and team
  • preparing and guiding managers in their new roles
  • improving communication skills both inside and outside the team
  • … and much more

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.

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If you develop, your business will develop along with you and thus a spiral of success starts to spin. It does not matter what stage of business you are in. Perhaps you have just got an idea, or you are experiencing a period of stagnation or growth.

A coach will teach you how to look at obstacles as well as help you find a solution to start or restart your business.

What can I help you with if you are thinking about starting up a business?

  • developing your managerial and business skills
  • verifying your motivation to do business and whether your chosen field is in line with your life mission
  • defining a vision, values and goals of the business
  • identifying and overcoming internal barriers to start a successful business
  • establishing a balance between work and your private life
  • preparation for possible obstacles and how to overcome them
  • improving communication skills both inside and outside the team
  • recognising and understanding the individual needs of your customers
  • planning and implementing of key activities and tasks
  • … and much more

What exactly can I help you with if you have just started a business?

  • finding your own creative solutions
  • defining key activities and tasks
  • ability to effectively deal with time
  • identifying and overcoming internal barriers that cause stagnation
  • preparing for possible risks and the ability to predict them in the future
  • establishing a balance between work and your private life
  • building a team that delivers exceptional results
  • improving communication skills both inside and outside the team
  • … and much more

What exactly can I help you with if you already run a business?

  • identifying further directions of development of a successfully operating company
  • identifying and overcoming internal barriers hindering further development
  • redefining the vision, values, strategies and goals of the business
  • more effective decision making and successful negotiation
  • establishing a balance between work and your private life
  • … and much more

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.

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V čem spočívá úspěch vrcholových sportovců? Mimo jiné v tom, že když trénují, vědomě zaměřují pozornost na určitou techniku, kterou chtějí zlepšit. A dělají to důsledně a pravidelně.

What makes top athletes successful? Among other things, that while practicing, they consciously focus their attention on a particular technique they want to improve. And they do it consistently and regularly.

We often perceive professional and personal growth as a by-product for achieving performance. And yet it is the opposite. Improving work “forehand” starts up your performance and will bring pleasure as a bonus, because when you work hard at work, you earn for a better living. When you work hard on yourself, you earn a fortune.

You yourself are the best experts on your life. As a coach, I can support and help you to start taking personal and professional development as a natural and enjoyable part of your life.

What exactly can I help you with?

  • increasing work performance according to your key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • creative solutions to difficult work tasks
  • identifying the most important stakeholders in the company and improving communication towards them
  • reaching targets through appropriate communication
  • finding satisfaction and higher purpose in your work
  • training managers for their new role
  • detecting any barriers that prevent you from fully exploiting your potential
  • managing career changes, such as a promotion or a change of discipline
  • … and much more

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.

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Ondřej Filip

Personal development


True success requires balance, so rediscover the wonderful feeling of when you first rode a bicycle yourself without the help of training wheels. That is exactly how you can feel when you find and keep balance in your life.

Once you lose the sense of balance, you feel uneasy because you are not yourself. Together we can find out what is making you lose your balance and how to sustain it and live a full and happy life.

What exactly can I help you with?

  • checking to make sure that your life is going in the right direction
  • setting balance between your work and private life
  • preparing for fatherhood
  • identifying factors and circumstances that take or give you energy
  • ability to make the “right” decision
  • finding yourself and the purpose of life
  • clarifying for what and why it pays off to take the time, effort and energy
  • art of relaxing and letting things go
  • … and much more

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.

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Certainty is an illusion. Only change is permanent. It is no coincidence that you’re now on my website. Change has brought you here. An inner change, where you want to change something and maybe do not know what or how to do it. Or an external change that has crossed your path in life and you have consciously decided to respond it.

Allow me to be the one to help you manage the change as gracefully as possible and at the same time make the most of it. Become the creator of your own life and start to change it to your liking right now.

What exactly can I help you with?

  • finding the courage to make a change in life or work
  • ideally timing and planning the change
  • handling the change so that the transition to a new phase or role in life is smooth
  • ability to cope with unforeseen changes
  • art of turning the impact of changes in your benefit
  • handling change with an uncertain outcome
  • … and much more

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.

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Transformation means re-creation or change. Sometimes it seems like absolutely nothing is missing in your life. You have a wonderful family, great friends and a career that some may even envy. And you have one more thing on top of all that. That is the nagging feeling that despite everything you are still missing something. I also went through this paradox of life some time ago. But I was lucky that I stumbled upon a coach who saved me a lot of time and energy.

For the vast majority of people, the reason for transformation is some sort of external dramatic circumstance that prompts them to start asking questions and searching for answers. Transformation and spirituality is not a question of “if” and “when”. Why wait for life dramas? Would not it be better to start working on yourself at the moment when your life is OK and you have enough strength and energy to acquire higher self-knowledge?

What exactly can I help you with?

  • finding the meaning of life
  • finding ways to being yourself and living life the way you want to live it
  • ability to live in the present moment
  • inding whether your life path is heading in the right direction
  • identifying through what colour glasses you are looking at the world and what exactly you see
  • art of living in harmony with the perception of your inner self
  • comparing life’s priorities
  • identifying stimuli that, although you do not notice them with your senses, they affect your life.
  • … and much more

You don’t believe it? It will cost you nothing to try it out.

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Ondřej Filip

3. 4. 2017 LESS STRESS? WHY NOT?

STRESSM. Benioff (Salesforce), O. Winfrey, B. Clinton, R. Murdoch, 50Cent, Google, Ford, Goldman Sachs and others. What do all of these companies, their CEO’S and influential business leaders have in common? They all practice Mindfulness and the Art of Meditation to be more efficient, more effective and happier.
In February I wrote about busyness and how busy we are nowadays and few tips how to get from the never-ending circle of our busyness. Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately) in order to better manage our time, tasks, duties and activities we need to go much deeper. Our busyness is only a symptom of a deeper problem, which can not be solved by “technical advice” like always start with the most important issue, make a to-do list etc. That might help us to be more organized, but it doesn’t lead us to the core. And the core of being busy (and of procrastination) lies very often in our self-esteem.


FEAR, EMOTIONSThey are everywhere around us, often being overlooked and underestimated, but still with a great power and the potential to develop our lives. Their potential to create is as strong as their potential to destroy. We hardly ever pay them the attention they deserve, even if they influence our lives more than we like to consciously admit. If we succumb to them, they turn our lives to hell and we become no more than puppets. We don’t want to see them, hear them or smell them. The more we neglect them, the bigger influence they have on us, without us even noticing. Still no clue? Well, please, meet …Emotions.


sebeláskaI can imagine how this caption might evoke a number of negative comments about the fact that something like self-confidence doesn’t belong in business. It belongs there more than we think. For most of you, the core of your business lies somewhere else and you don’t have the time to observe how everything affects the outcome of your organization or team, and to what extent. Self-esteem has an absolutely fundamental impact on how we function and can radically change business and relationships yet at the same time, not much is openly said about it in business. Why? Because it is a topic which makes us very vulnerable when we bring it up. And at the same time a topic which, if we don’t bring it up, causes tremendous damage without us realizing it. 


aesthetic-1959284_1280Thanks to the inspiration of the social network Linkedin, I decided, that during February I write and publish a short summary of each day. I wanted to try how it’s to write every day a short reflection on what happened, why to actually do it and whether I managed to keep writing all days.

I had no idea how much useful yet simple tool I started to use for my personal growth. Earlier I used to write my diary, however, rather randomly. These short “text messages” for myself were focused more on experience rather than on the description of activities and it was always pleasure closing of each day. It always tooked just 10-15 minutes and 50-70 words (sometimes only 1 or 2 words) for a brief summary of what was important for me on given day.

And what all this experience has brought me?

30. 6. 2015 What to acknowledge before leaving company

Recently I have read the article about five main reasons why employees leave company. They were as follows from no. 5 to no.1.

  • No recognition & reward
  • Meaningless work
  • Bureaucracy & politics
  • No career path
  • Their manager

It’s absolutely fine to leave the company because one of the mentionned or any other reasons. It’s natural to make changes in our lives. However before you make a step out from “your” company, you have to be sure that you have taken a lesson. Deep understanding and acceptance of what is going on in your current workplace is crucial for your next career steps.

1. 11. 2016 FEEDBACK 2.0

argument-238529_1280Clients who has been coming to me last few months and 5 workshops on giving (and receiving) feedback which I led on job fair HR days in Prague show me how, this important capability is underestimated and difficult, despite the fact, many people from majority of organizations attend regularly many trainings on giving feedback. I have made few interesting observations, during conversation with my clients and during workshops, which might help you to be better, not only at giving feedback but actually at receiving it as well.



cliff-1839392_1920“Every decision made by headquarters takes responsibility away from people in other parts of the organisation and reduces the number of people who feel that they are effectively helping and contributing to the functioning of the organization” Dennis Blake

Responsibility – one of the many topics that companies and teams imagine is not problematic for them but the opposite is true. And yet the question of accepting responsibility, like most important things, is basically very simple. Responsibility begins at the moment when we decide that we will accept it. Therefore it is only a question of OUR CHOICE.



Do we live in the world of ‘busyness’ or the world of ‘business’?

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that the words ‘busyness’ and ‘business’ are similar?

Whenever I ask someone how they are, the reply is almost always a variation of ‘I’m busy’. A more or less unhappy face is quickly changing to mock happiness, which should persuade me as well as the person themself that everything is just fine. To be busy has become normal.

At the same time we have given up our responsibility for our own time-management. We all have the same amount of time, each day – 24 hours, 1 440 minutes, 86 400 seconds.  What is YOUR CHOICE going to be?


Ondřej Filip
Ondřej Filip


CBRE s.r.o.

“During coaching sessions I enjoyed the most that we all together were discovering and creating our goals, strategy and ideas for improvement. All team memebers including newcomers were actively involved. Ondřej always went deep under the surface with his questions during our coaching sessions in order to have more distance and realize what is goal, what is strategy and what is tool for reaching goals. I can say that my expecatitons were 100% fulfiled”

Aleš Nečas, Letting Consultant

I have participated on few coaching sessions in my life. What I appreciate the most on this one, is that we get to know each other more with my colleagues ( opinions and characters “under the surface”, energy, self-esteem, extrovert – introvert, etc.). We realize and summarize how we need to work together as team and individuals to reach our goals. I like your positive approach and points of interest which you put into the coaching and made it more liven. I would definitely recommend you, from my perspective coaching is important and people often don’t know where they will move.

Ing. Radana Malásková, Letting Consultant

Oracle Czech s.r.o.

“I would like recommend Ondřej Filip, mainly for the purpose of team coaching. I lead a commercial team in Central and Eastern Europe, and I have a very positive coaching experience from July this year – Andrew  very well assumed his role as an independent observer (from another industry, which was a good thing).  Thanks to the used methods  he helped reveal the two most important areas where there is a significant room for improvement, both of which have a major impact on the success and customer satisfaction as well as the team itself. The result of collaboration with Ondřej is a meaningful number of priorities and completely further practical steps linked to reasonable terms.

Ján Stanko, Regional Sales Manager, CEE 

Inter IKEA Centre Česká republika s.r.o.

 “I collaborated with Ondřej in 2014 to improve the management of people and I must say that the cooperation within a few sessions was great. Thanks to Ondřej, I realized that I can find a variety of  individual solutions in the areas in which I was more or less confident. I must say that through this experience I have achieved personal and professional development. Ondra effectively promoted through well-asked questions my thinking and inspired me to maximize my personal and professional potential. The best part was that I could find my own answers  by myself and therefore I  more believed and accepted that changes in my behavior and actions without convincing my neighborhood. Thanks to Ondřejs professionalism and approach I could completely open myself to all ideas and use this time for awarness of my own mistakes and weaknesses and ways of improvement.

Tomáš Míček, Operational Manager, Avion SP Ostrava

Safe Trade s.r.o (www.hodinky-365.cz)

Coaching for me it was something new and I did not know exactly what I was getting into. I would compare coaching sessions with a psychologist session. Coaching is not in itself redemptive, coach will not tell you what to do, it have to find your own way.  I myself, after  coaching session with Mr. Ondřej Filip found out  what is important for me in the business, organized my  thoughts and I found a way by which to go.

Ing. Radek Vyhlídal, Owner

B. Braun Medical s.r.o.

Me and my team had a workshop focused on communication skills lead by Ondrej in April 2012. I was very nicely suprised to see how all the members of the team got involved since the beginning of the workshop. During 3 hours of cooperation in trustworthy atmosphere, we got to the real basics of the communication inside of our team such as trust, openess, respect etc. Ondrej reacted very sensitively to the needs and suggestions from all participants and motivated us to search the answers to our own questions related to our mutual communication. There was a high level of energy and understanding visible at the end of the seminar, which I consider as big added value. In this regard I believe that whole seminar will have longterm impacts not only to our team, but also to our sales results and I´m looking forward to our next cooperation.

MUDr. Jaya Gürlichová, MBA

Petr Kouble, Franchise partner NATURHOUSE

Dear Ondrej, It´s been few days since our last meeting and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for our more than 6 months long cooperation. In the beginning I had a feeling that my vision and goal were more wishful thinkings also thanks to the time horizon, that we set up for this goal. But thanks to your coaching I started to see a real shape of my future business very quickly and after 1,5 year that I had the idea only in my head it finally started to draw the right direction. Our regular meetings helped me a lot to stay focused, think about whole idea and to continue in effort. Today, I´m in the new beginning, but it´s the beginning that I always wanted to be in. I will for sure recommend your services. And I wish you a lot of satisfied clients.

Petr Kouble

Ondřej Filip
Ondřej Filip

Ondřej Filip

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