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3. 4. 2017 – LESS STRESS? WHY NOT?

STRESSM. Benioff (Salesforce), O. Winfrey, B. Clinton, R. Murdoch, 50Cent, Google, Ford, Goldman Sachs and others. What do all of these companies, their CEO’S and influential business leaders have in common? They all practice Mindfulness and the Art of Meditation to be more efficient, more effective and happier.
In February I wrote about busyness and how busy we are nowadays and few tips how to get from the never-ending circle of our busyness. Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately) in order to better manage our time, tasks, duties and activities we need to go much deeper. Our busyness is only a symptom of a deeper problem, which can not be solved by “technical advice” like always start with the most important issue, make a to-do list etc. That might help us to be more organized, but it doesn’t lead us to the core. And the core of being busy (and of procrastination) lies very often in our self-esteem.

Useful and essential tool to understand and feel what is going on inside of our mind when we are busy is mindfulness.

What exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness has more than 2600-year-old roots and its indisputable benefits have been demonstrated by hundreds of studies & research at a scientific level.

Mindfulness or focused attention is our ability to be a neutral observer of our emotions, thoughts and body sensations without our identifying, evaluating or trying to affect them. This leads to the development of a stable, strong and receptive mind, which gives us peace of mind and the ability to think clearly. Simply put, focused attention is about knowing what is happening in our mind.

The best way to learn focused attention is meditation — powerful mental training. Just as you go to the gym or practice running to be stronger or faster, you can just as easily train your mind to be calm, stable and responsive.

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment, Mindfulness is not just something that is nice to have, but a necessity. Skills such as focus and concentration, creativity, effective decision-making and emotional intelligence are necessary for the performance and satisfaction of your people, and thus the profits of your company.

PERSONAL BENEFITS                                                           BUSINESS BENEFITS

✔︎Significant reduction of stress                                      ✔︎ Increased productivity and satisfaction
✔︎Better time management                                                ✔︎ Cultivation of EQ & relationships
✔︎ Development of positive thinking                             ✔︎ Improved decision-making skills

✔︎ Better sleeping and eating habits                              ✔︎ Development of creativity

✔︎ Strengthening the immune system                           ✔︎ Improved concentration

✔︎Slowing down the aging process                              ✔︎  Lower levels of absenteeism
✔︎Physical well-being and health                                    ✔︎  Higher natural loyalty
✔︎Increased feeling of happiness                                      ✔︎ Higher profits and a more financially   stable company

The development of focused attention helps to increase overall productivity in companies of any size in any sector or any level. It helps employees at all levels to effectively cope with stress, to focus on their personal and business goals and communicate clearly with colleagues, enhancing employee productivity and the business itself. 

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Life’s great!

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